title hadrien
Hadrien Albouy, the man behind my website and good friend recently purchased his second Volkswagen Beetle, this time from 1958.
I originally met Hadrien at a local classic Volkswagen show, he had a 1969 standard model Beetle that he used on a daily basis.
Fast forward 3 years, Hadrien has sold his '69 and has bought an earlier '58 semaphore Beetle.
 A photo-shoot was in order, with no set location and no particular ideas we set off with the ragtop pulled back. 100 metres from Hadrien's home we were pulled over by the police, usual papers check and a good chat about the car, which I think was the main reason for stopping us !
 We drove out of Toulouse and into the countryside, through small villages and vineyards.
After going home for dinner and heading into the night with the 6V candle lights we came across a golf course, no signs saying we weren't allowed there so we parked up.
I spent just over half an hour to light paint the car in various positions.