Porsche Lifestyle Megascene phoned me, we need you near Modena in Italy. No local flights meant I had to fly via Brussels and I had 24 hours to kill, so I offered a free photo-shoot on facebook.
William Wilmots came back 5 minutes later, the plan was to shoot his BMW 2002 Turbo but this is Belgium and the rain meant he came and met me in his slammed VW Scirocco.
He gave me a rough guided tour of the capital and a great night out ! ( €3.70 for 2 pints of beer ?! )
Upgraded to a suite at the Theater Hotel big enough for a party. Next day I jumped back on the plane to Bologna. A very pleasant flight over the alps.
Andrea owner of one of the car's I was in Italy to photo-shoot picked me up at the airport and drove me to the Italian Porsche 356 Registry headquarters, where we met up with Stefano, the owner of the other 2 cars. I got stuck right in starting with some night shots of a Porsche 356 Speedster Carrera GT, unfortunately the car wouldn't start so locations were limited and with heavy fog it wasn't ideal !
Back to the hotel to recharge my batteries ( camera too ) and to get ready for the next day's shoots.
 We started off with the fibreglass Devin-D, an American built Porsche powered kit car from the late fifties. The low cloud and fog hadn't lifted from the previous evening, shame…
 Typical rolling shots and a few lifestyle photos as we went and got a drink in a small village.
 devin 1
devin 2
We got the 356 Speedster Carrera back out late morning to finish some detail and rolling shots and went to lunch.
 Unfortunately some cats took fancy to the car…
I had finished all the photos of these 2 cars by late afternoon when Andrea picked me up and took me to his garage where he showed me his 1950 Porsche 356. Night had fallen and we went out looking for the perfect location. This turned out to be a giant open barn of sorts.
The results were more than satisfying.
The next day was my last, I had to finish up the 356 pre A. Rolling shots, detail shots etc. Finally the sun came out and we head up into the hills above the clouds, the scenery was amazing!
Porsche Lifestyle
All finished and ready to leave, Andrea invited me for lunch with his family. Very hospitable and generous.
 Heading back to Brussels for my next day flight home, and a little surprise at the hotel. Rent-A-Fish, a rather novel idea…
More photos coming soon!