As you may have seen I recently shot some photos of a Melbourne Red E90 M3 with the rare competition pack. Well, the owner is back with a friend and the M3's baby brother, the BMW 1M. Here is the chase...


I spent most of an afternoon and the evening with these 2 cars, both extremely fast with similar performance... However the M3 has a naturally aspirated V8 whereas the 1M has a more classical 3.0 straight 6 that BMW is renowned for, but with a twist... 2 turbos !


So how to go about a joint shoot with 2 friend's performance cars, race them and create a pseudo rivalry between them was a new approach for me.

Mathieu started off in front with his 1M, the M3 kicking the tail out close behind !






Olivier thrashing his new Michelin tyres...



However it was only a matter of time before the V8 M3 pulled in front of it's baby brother...






There you have it, my first attempt at a very cinematic style of photo-shoot attempting to tell a story. More to come very soon with these 2 cars.