title m3


 I'm always on the look out for interesting cars to photograph, I had been in contact with Olivier on facebook since he had a BMW 1M. Unfortunately he came to sell the car and replaced it with this red monster, which is an E90 M3 with the competition package. Ultra rare, especially in this colour!



The weather once again was not on my side, wanting to test out my new EOS M this was not the best opportunity as it’s not weather proof. So I whipped out my trusty 7D and braved the rain.




Raindrops on the lens were proving to be a huge problem, with a bit of luck and turning my CPL filter I managed to line them up with the sun to get some interesting results.




I’ve always been told not to shoot into the sun, so I have totally ignored that to get the most dynamic results.




All shots are made up of multiple exposures, layered in photoshop.




More BMW work soon.