title jordan

I had previously met Jordan in Ninove, Belgium last year. He had braved the rain and snow in his Pastel Blue ’61 beetle. Back then the car was sitting on Enkei 5 spoke rims, for this season however he’s gone for a more classic Cal-look setup on Empis.




I saw Jordan again in Toulouse recently and had to get some shots of his car. We snuck into an open hangar and I got to work. This gave me a good opportunity to try out my new soft box and lighting equipment, light painting the car with multiple exposures.






The most challenging shot was the interior, trying new techniques to avoid horrible reflections in the glass to be able to clearly make out the background, I’m very pleased with how it’s come out.






I took advantage of the yellow aged windows to my full advantage, they contrast nicely with the Pastel Blue paintwork of the car.




So there you have it, a small series of photos of a very nice classic VW, more to come soon !