Early last year I drove to Istres, just west of Marseille to do a photo-shoot of a Jean Pierre Hucken’s immaculately restored 1952 Beetle. It is not often that I photograph bone stock VWs, especially of this age and quality.




The car was found near Clermont Ferrand, abandoned in a garage for over 30 years. The car had matching chassis/body/engine numbers and had never been welded. The previous owner had been collecting various NOS parts for the previous 20 years.

Jean Pierre took his time to restore the car to it’s original glory. The details are amazing! The interior is all original, just thoroughly cleaned.

We started the photo-shoot in front of a big factory, after a matter of a few minutes we were told to move on… I finally decided to finish the photo-shoot near some old war bunkers on the seafront, with nobody around and a rather deserted location it made out for some great shots!


I headed back to Istres later in the year to complete some chassis photos and rolling shots.

While the car was on the hoist Jean Pierre decided to check over certain aspects of the car. He noticed some play on the rear left hub. Not being able to sort the problem without replacing parts he reassembled the car and we headed out onto the road.


Hanging out the side window of a friend’s 1302 Beetle, I shot the ’52 split rolling almost flat out down the road, doing around 50mph!

Back at the Hucken family house, I got straight on to editing the photos with his sons, Ben & Nico. With plenty of fun ideas in mind, I edited out the original tarmac surface and transformed it into a dirt track with plenty of dust, the background stayed original and lent itself to some kind of animals roaming in the field. Zebras weren’t the obvious choice but it worked! So there you go!


The final photo spread over 2 pages.


And I also made the cover!


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