PGO is the forth biggest French Car manufacturer, with a range of only 3 different models and them being hand made they are also one of the most exclusive French marques.
With an emphasis on neo-retro styling the Speedster II and Cevennes are rather classically designed mid-engined 2 seater roadsters. However they also make a fixed-head coupé, the Hemera. With very controversial styling it made photographing it very interesting ! 







When I arrived at the PGO headquarters which I had previously visited last year, the boss was very proud to show me this latest version of the Cevennes Roadster, this one destined for the Chinese market with a full carbon covered body, it looked absolutely fantastic !


 cevennes 1


 cevennes 2





cevennes 3


I headed out with Benoit Cohen, PGO’s creative designer to shoot a set of dynamic commercial photos.
 With the weather against us we drove through heavy rain up into the hills to find some twisty mountain-esque roads.




Harsh sunlight with the shiny wet road led to me taking multiple exposures for each photo, using a CPL filter to deal with reflections.


hemera 1


hemera 2


hemera 3


hemera 4


hemera 5


hemera 6


hemera 7



hemera 8 

I will later add some before and afters to show the heavy post production work.
So there is my set of PGO photos, I am confident that I have done justice to what could be considered the ugly duckling of their range.